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07/03/01 - The 3rd leg of Ohio Sprint Speedweek was hosted by Fremont Speedway. Jody qualified 31st with a 13.842. Jody made the feature event when he finished his heat in the 4th position. Jody started last in the feature, and despite a mid-race spin, finished in the 21st position. The track was fast and tacky, with a few visible ruts in turns 3-4. Special thanks go out to "Mother Nature" for sparing us the rain that was looming all morning and mid afternoon!!

07/02/01 - Wayne County Speedway was the home of the 2nd leg of Ohio Sprint Speedweek. Jody qualified 34th with a 16.471. Jody finished 8th in the heat and 10th in the B-Main.

07/01/01 - Attica Raceway Park. Attica hosted the 1st leg of Ohio Sprint Speedweek. Jody qualified with a 13.389 for 28th out of 45 qualifiers. Jody placed 11th in his heat and 10th in the B-Main.

06/30/01 - Fremont Speedway fans saw Jody have a very good night. Jody qualified 10th with a 13.29. Jody recorded a 3rd place finish in the heat race and an 8th place finish in the feature. Way to go Jody!

06/29/01 - Attica Raceway Park Jody scored a 13th place finish in the feature.

06/23/01 - Fremont Speedway hosted a regular show sponsored by Burger King. The track was fast and tacky all night. Jody did an excellent job qualifying with a 13.22, good for 2nd fastest. Jody finished 5th in his heat for the final transfer spot. In the feature, Jody finished 9th.

06/22/01 - Attica Raceway Park hosted the All-Star Circuit of Champions. Jody qualified 25th. Starting the heat in 7th, Jody made the feature from the heat with a 5th place finish. Feature time rolls around and Jody is lined up in the 25th position. Jody brought home a 16th place finish in the feature. Check back tomarrow for results from Fremont Speedway.

06/11/01 - Jody placed 4th in his heat at Tri-City and then it rained!!! What a bummer!

06/10/01 - Jody went on a road trip this weekend to Pennsylvania. His first stop was at Sharon Speedway on Friday night. Jody hit the wall in the heat race and cut a tire. Jody was ok and able to start the feature. Jody started the feature in 23rd position and worked his way up to finish 6th! Great effort from Jody and his crew on a track they have never been to before. Saturday night Jody, Ken and David ran at Mercer Speedway. Jody placed 8th in his heat and 15th in the feature. Tri-City is the next destination for the K60 team. I havent received any information yet, but will update the site as soon as I have the stats. I will also be writing a new article about Jody's PA Adventure just as soon as I get a chance to talk to him! Have Fun and Stay Safe!
06/02/01 Another Washout! I for one have had enough of the bad attitude of Mother Nature lately!

Memorial Day Weekend was a washout! No racing due to rain!

Fremont 5/19/01 Jody once again qualified well. As K-C was rained out, Fremont saw an invasion of All Star Sprints in the pits. Jody qualified 9th with a 14.84. With his 9th place qualification, Jody was in the Austrailian Pursuit. Jody finished second, after a last lap pass of Alvin Roepke by Chad Kemenah. Jody's night was looking real good with a heat race win. Although his finish in the feature was a bit disappointing to Jody, he finished 18th.

Attica 05/18/01 Rained Out

Fremont 04/28/01 All-Star Sprints...Jody has been having great results with qualifiying with the All-Stars. Jody qualified 19th with a 13.235 out of 48 sprints. Jody finished 9th in his heat and 6th in the B-Main. Note: The track record was broken! See The New Fremont Speedwaywebsite for more details!

Attica 04/21/01 All-Star Sprints...Wow! What a night! Phil Gressman set fast time in qualifications. Jody qualified with a 12.714, putting him in 19th out of 47. Jody started the heat in the #2 spot and shot off like a rocket. For most of the heat race, Jody had a straight away lead. Winding down in the last couple laps, Ed Lynch Jr from Pennsylvania was reeling Jody in. Jody held on for the win by about 4 car lengths. Jody started the feature in 17th place. He was looking good and holding his own until lap 30 when he spun out and was sent to the tail. With only 10 laps to go, Jody managed to get back up to 14th. What a great effort from Jody while running with the All-Stars!

Attica 04/13/01 Friday the 13th??? Could have been a really bad night, if your superstitious. Jody must not beleive in the 13th, black cat, ladder kind of thing! Jody had a real good night at Attica Raceway Park. A 2nd place finish in the heat put Jody in the A-main. Jody also ran a dash, which determind his starting position in the A-main. Jody finished the dash in 7th, so he started the A-main in 7th. Jody fell a few positions and ended up taking the checkered in 12th place. Great job Jody! He seems to be getting used to that chassis.