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~~~~~~~~~~ RACE RESULTS ~~~~~~~~~~
Jody's racing results are updated nightly, just click on the ' 2003 Results' at the bottom of the page.
2 for 2 so far.......!!!!! Speedweek is here, 7 straight nights, does it get any better than that? Finished 21st at Attica Raceway Sunday night after qualifying 10th...
Wayne County Monday night was an absolute DUST BOWL, cannot even begin to describe it. Finished 18th in the A-main, and making 2 out of 2 shows is quite the confidence booster for a 'low-budget' team.
Night 3 @ Fremont Speedway didn't go as well as the first 2 nights. Jody got qualified real good ( 14th ) but everything just went away after that. Didnt transfer from his heat race, and the B-main was loaded with fast cars.
Unfortunately the K60 team missed the show, but with everything still intact we're looking forward to KC tomorrow night.
Wednesday night @ KC turned out to be a better night for the K60 team. Although Jody didnt get qualified very well (25th) he did make the transfer into the feature out of his heat race. Ended up finishing 18th for the night, and once again thats a real confidence booster, just to make the A-main during All Star Speedweek is quite an accomplishment.
We'll be back to Fremont tomorrow night, and hopefully it wont turn into such a struggle again!
Fremont was much better to the K60 team Thursday night, and Jody qualified 9th quick and finished 2nd in his heat race. Although he started 8th in the feature, a driver error and early spin left the K60 car coming home in 24th position. Not the finish Jody would have liked, but another A-main feature to his record.
Limaland was a rain-out Friday night, so we'll finish Speedweek Saturday @ Portsmouth!
We've been hearing that Portsmouth was 'under water' all season long, but you'd never know it from the dusty, dry track conditions Saturday night. Jody timed in 22nd quick, and the night just went downhill from there. Finished 1 spot out of the transfer in his heat race (6th)
and made a bad set-up decision for the B-main. Unfortunately the K60 didnt make the A-main, but on a good note he travelled to every Speedweek show, and only missed 2 shows all week. Not too bad considering the equipment and caliber of drivers that he competed against all week.
*** Updated column in "Jill's World" hope you enjoy***

One other note- if you're here browsing around, let us know what you think. Click on the 'guestbook' link at the bottom of this page, tell us who you are, and how you heard about from fans is what this sport is all about!
See ya at the track!

Jody would like to welcome back Kurt & Keith Jones to the K60 team. For those of you that don't remember, Kurt & Keith were a huge part of Jody's success in the 305 class, and joined him in winning the 305 Attica Championship. The 'crew page' will be updated soon with all their information, and pictures...
They will be a great addition to the Keegan Racing team

The website is going to be updated with results on a nightly basis in 2003, as we strive to keep our fans informed on everything that goes on throughout the season. Jody is looking forward to getting back to the track, and seeing all his fans.
Plans are to have new 2003 tshirts available very soon,
showing off the new paint scheme for the K60 car, look for that anonuncement in the near future!
Good Luck to everyone, drive hard, and be safe!

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