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Traction control? Do you have it? Does the guy pitted next to you have it? Did last weeks feature winner have it? Who will be the first driver caught with it?

This seems to be the 'new buzz' around the tracks...2 words...TRACTION CONTROL.... Until just recently I have never heard of traction control, but lately it seems that is all we're hearing about. I don't know alot about it, I've heard that its quite expensive, and virtually undetected. So I did a 'google search' and found the MSD Website. Well, that didnt help me out too much either, beings I have no clue what I'm looking for. I can tell you that there are more components and part numbers on there than I ever imagined. Basically, what I learned was.....if I ever wanted to buy a traction control device, I'd be helpless!!!
So with this being said, who has it, who had it, and who wants it? Well, it seems that if you win a feature, then you HAVE it. If you won last week, and finished 10th this week, then you HAD it. And if you can't seem to break out with a Top 10 finish, then you WANT it. The worse part of this whole traction control contraversy is this- if a guy that normally doesnt run up front has a good night, and even wins...then immediately he will be referred to as a 'traction control cheater' Lately it seems that a driver can no longer win just because he's a good driver, everyone feels that he must have some type of advantage. Well, maybe that is the case sometimes, but lets not be so petty as to label everyone a cheater until that is proven. Rumor this week was that Jim Ford would be searching the drivers suits, did that happen? Of course it didn't happen, why? Well, because in my opinion thats just absurd! Every guy that finishes up front isnt doing so illegally, some guys are just THAT GOOD! Every night of racing will only have 1 winner, that cannot be disputed, therefore your favorite driver isn't always going to be in victory lane. But, just because that guy with the checkered flag isnt your favorite, don't mistakenly label him as a cheater, only because he won. Drivers are out there to win, and I applaud every one them that buckle into any type of race car, lets be thankful that they are willing to put their butt on the line for our entertainment.
And on the other hand, to the guys that are using illegal methods on their race cars, well shame on them, and hopefully its just a phase that will pass. This season its traction control, and next season it will be something else. Everyone is always going to search for something to get that 'edge' on the competition, but hopefully they find that edge without doing something against the rules.

Good luck to everyone competing, play hard, but be safe.